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Easily Deploy and Retract SharePoint solutions and InfoPath forms using PowerShell

We constantly deploy SharePoint solutions in farms. We eventually deploy the very same solutions and forms in Development, then QA, then UAT and finally in Production. Some companies may have a plethora of other farms as well. We also have to activate these solutions. Doing all this manually, time and again is at least tiring, but it is also boring and error prone. It is nice to be able to do it automatically and repeat it accurately – I wrote the PSDeployRetract script for this reason. But this isn’t all. How many times did you deploy a solution only to find that it is fraught with errors and – terror of terrors – creates problems that disrupt the work of the whole system?

Retracting such a solution – especially if an older version was deployed before and needs to be reinstated – is cumbersome and then some, but not any longer. PSDeployRetract keeps track of changes and allows you to retract and reinstate with ease. This is especially important if you deploy multiple solutions at once – a feat that should be avoided, but is demanded of us by time-pressed and myopic PMs. PSDeployRetract easily deploys multiple solutions and easily retracts-reinstates all that it had deployed.

The latest version of PSDeployRetract also deploys InfoPath forms.

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